What to Expect & FAQs


Project Walk - Kansas City is unlike any other facility you may have visited in the past. Our success is based on the ingenuity and adaptability of our staff who are all certified SCI Recovery Specialists. Our equipment is standard in the fitness industry, but we have modified some pieces and/or programs to allow you to exercise in a safe and effective manner.

For the past 50 years, everything related to SCI was based on the principals of occupational medicine. SCI clients were taught to cope and live with their injuries. Today, however, recovery is an option for those wishing to improve the quality of their lives.

At Project Walk - Kansas City we bridge the gap between SCI and recovery. Our certified SCI Recovery Specialists coach and guide you from the time you are released from hospital care until you have achieved your individual goals.

Our clients come to us from all over the United States. It is rather ambitious, but years ago we were told that someone with a SCI could not get better and walk again. Well, some clients of the Dardzinski Method® proved that statement wrong. Then, we were told individuals over two years post injury couldn't get better. Again, our clients showed that to be wrong. If client's of the Dardzinski Method® have taught us anything, it's that you can retrain a damaged nervous system back to a functional one, and that nothing is impossible.

Local Program

The local program is our most successful program due to the the substantial amount of time our trainers are able to spend with clients. This program is for individuals that live in the area or are willing to relocate, and are able to make it to regularly scheduled workouts on a weekly basis. Another benefit of the local program is that our trainers can regularly monitor and assess each client to make necessary adjustments to the program.

Home Program

The home program is designed for individuals that do not live in the area. The goal of this program is to design a workout that is specific to the client’s needs and teach the client how to effectively execute the exercises at home. Clients will be sent home with an understanding of what we do and why we do it as well as specific resources (exercise book and DVD) to aid in the transition from Project Walk - Kansas City. This program requires a minimum stay of one week and is extremely intense.

Here are a few local lodging options. If you wish to hear about other options that Project Walk - Kansas City clients have used, please contact Project Walk - Kansas City at 913.451.1500.

10963 Metcalf Ave. 14700 W 112th St. 5401 W 110th St. 10750 Quivira Rd.
Overland Park, KS Lenexa, KS Overland Park, KS Overland Park, KS
(913) 345-1500 (913) 327-1101 (913) 661-7111 (913) 661-9299
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6300 w 110th Street 8787 Reeder Rd.
Overland Park, KS 66211 Overland Park, KS 66214
888-433-9765 913.888.8440
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Who can participate in Project Walk - Kansas City Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program?

At the current time, the program is open to all individuals with spinal cord injuries, complete or incomplete. The individuals must be able to breath on their own and must have overall good standing health.

How does Project Walk - Kansas City differ from other rehabilitation facilities?

By no means is Project Walk - Kansas City a substitute for inpatient rehabilitation. We are not a medical facility and we don’t provide the services an individual needs once they have sustained a spinal cord injury. Our program is an intense exercise-based program within a gym setting. Our main focus is to regain strength & function below the level of injury done completely out of the chair.

What do I need to do prior to my first session?

Prior to your first session, all prospective clients must first submit a completed application (there is an online version and downloadable version on this website) and must obtain a doctor’s note clearing them to participate in our program. If the prospective client’s injury is greater than six months, then a bone density scan is required. This is to ensure that your skeletal structure is capable of sustaining the stresses of our program and for overall client safety.

What should I bring to each of my workout sessions?

Each client that requires the assistance of a caregiver on a daily basis is required to have them present at all times during each workout session. Clients should wear loose-fitting clothes appropriate for physical activity. We also recommend that each client bring a water bottle, a towel, and a change of clothes.

What is the cost per session and is it covered by insurance?

Each session costs $100 per hour. Depending on injury level, some clients come for 2-3 hours per day, 2-3 times per week. Unfortunately at this time insurance does not reimburse for our services. Project Walk - Kansas City provides multiple fundraising opportunities. Please, call for more information.

What results can I expect?

Remember, no two clients are alike. All clients have some degree of success. Some individuals see changes in their body within a few sessions while with others it may take longer. Outcomes will vary for each individual as many factors impact recovery, such as personal attitude, overall health, nutrition level, financial issues etc.

What long-term improvements to my health will this program provide?

There are many different success stories from those who have utilized The Dardzinski MethodTM for spinal cord injury recovery. The areas of improvement include:

· Increased central nervous system activity

· Improved cardiovascular & pulmonary function

· Increased circulation

· Improved skin integrity

· Increased bone density

· Increased muscle mass

· Decreased secondary health issues associated with a spinal cord injury