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About Us

Project Walk-Kansas City is unlike any other facility you may have visited in the past. Our success is based on the ingenuity and adaptability of our staff who are all certified SCI Recovery Specialists. Our equipment is standard in the fitness industry, but we have modified some pieces and/or programs to allow you to exercise in a safe and effective manner.

For the past 50 years, everything related to SCI was based on the principals of occupational medicine. SCI clients were taught to cope and live with their injuries. Today, however, recovery is an option for those wishing to improve the quality of their lives.

At Project Walk-Kansas City we bridge the gap between SCI and recovery. Our certified SCI Recovery Specialists coach and guide you from the time you are released from hospital care until you have achieved your individual goals.

Our clients come to us from all over the United States. Nearly every one of them has been told the same thing after their injuries; “You will never walk again, and any healing that your body does within the first year will be all that you will get back. So, you need to learn how to live in your wheelchair.” Everyone of our clients has proven this wrong, and they continue to prove it wrong with every year that passes. New research, about the benefits of exercise and activity-based recovery after a spinal cord injury, keeps confirming what our clients have experienced for years; that you can retrain a damaged nervous system back to a functional one, and that nothing is impossible.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve



Thomas Eddy


I have always been fortunate enough to be able to accept life’s challenges, and make the best of any situation. Understanding that, change is inevitable and growth is optional. On June 21st, 2005, I was given the opportunity to prove that statement to be true. That morning, I left my house walking, and by that afternoon I was paralyzed from the waist down. 

My injury led me to open Project Walk Kansas City Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center to meet the needs of everyone with a spinal cord injury.

If your desire is to improve your chance for recovery, then Project Walk Kansas City is the place for you. We promise to do everything possible to make any goal you set, become a reality.



Chris Smith

Executive Director/Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Specialist

Chris graduated from Kansas State University with a BS in Kinesiology. He is certified through NSCA as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. He has been a personal trainer since 2005 and has worked with a variety of age groups. Chris is committed to helping others improve their lives through exercise and increased physical activity. Chris feels that education is the backbone of his life and is always willing to learn more.



Colby Ross

Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Specialist

Colby is a graduate from Avila University with a BS in Sports Medicine. He is a certified personal trainer through NSCA. After interning with Project Walk-Kansas City he has worked his way up to being a specialist at Project Walk-KC. Colby enjoys being able to work with highly motivated individuals every day to help them regain their independence through exercise.  He looks forward to pushing his clients everyday and helping them achieve their goals.

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