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Aggressive NeuroRecovery Program for Spinal Cord Injuries & Stroke
A Unique Facility, Working Beyond Therapy, Towards Recovery
Meet Our Clients
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Meet Our Team

Our team of specialists are dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries live a more independent, and healthy life, through an aggressive, activity based, and goal oriented recovery program.

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What to
Expect & FAQs

Project Walk – Kansas City is unlike any other facility you may have visited in the past. Our success is based on the ingenuity and adaptability of our staff who are…

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Contact Us

Please, use the form below to contact us! Along with any additional messages, please include your first and last name, address and best available phone numbers to contact you.

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Welcome to Project Walk-Kansas City!

Based in Overland Park, KS, Project Walk-Kansas City is a state-of-the-art spinal cord injury recovery center, that is dedicated to meeting your recovery needs with up-to-date training techniques. We believe that traditional approaches to therapy can be further enhanced, allowing clients to get more out of our facility. Our approach, based on The Dardzinski Method, uses intense activity-based recovery, backed by research and technology to expose those affected by paralysis to the most forward-thinking rehabilitation in the industry.

Mission Statement:

Project Walk-Kansas City is dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries improve and enrich their lives through the use of state-of-the-art recovery methods, motivation, and education in a supportive environment.

Vision Statement:

Project Walk-Kansas City’s vision is to be seen as a beacon of hope and a means for people with spinal cord injuries to achieve their goals, mentally and physically. Through our work and dedication we strive to be seen as one of the leading organizations within the spinal cord injury recovery community by our peers, medical professionals, research pioneers and clients.

-Combining Scientific Innovation with Personal Determination-